The Red Balloon

So what did you think? The film certainly divided opinion in the Staff Room! Mrs Bentley and Mrs Powley both loved it although Mrs Turner was not so keen!!

Personally I enjoyed it-I especially liked the way emotion was potrayed through the music chosen and the expressions used. I loved watching the boys scramble over the walls and run up and down the alleys reminded me of looking at photos of my Dad and his friends. They would have been young at the same time the film was made-and would have been dressed in similar clothes doing similar things.

What did you think it’s message was? Were the boys chasing him or were they just after the balloon?

Was it about bullying? was it about friendship?

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10 thoughts on “The Red Balloon

  1. To be honest it was quite boring because I felt it was unrealistic because a normal balloon would have floated away. I also felt it was too long because nothing happened until halfway- he just carried it with him.

  2. I liked the part when the boys chased the little boy down the alleyways and over the walls .I thought it was very clever how the balloon followed the boy all around and it was like it was his pet, it was magical when all the balloons came together to him.
    I will give it a 4 star rating.

  3. Persanoly I didn’t like it because nothing really hapened exept for getting chased by some kids and I didn’t get why the balloon followed him.

  4. In my opinion The Red Balloon was very boring because it was not realistic enough for my liking. At the end it was quite funny but at the same time it was not real how the little boy flew away with the balloons. It was quite strange how all the balloons at the end went to see the little boy when the other mean boy stepped on his balloon to pop it.

  5. I thought the red balloon was alright. I especially liked it when the balloon popped and all the other balloons in the town came to the boy, I thought it was a balloon funeral. I think every child was a bit too obsessed with balloons. The boys who chased after the red balloon were quite stubborn and not giving up. The film was a little bit strange, because the balloon followed the boy everywhere.

  6. I liked it at the end because of the boy cause the balloons came down and he had a bunch of balloons so I really enjoyed it. :]

  7. I liked it at the end because of the boy cause the balloons came down and he had a bunch of balloons so I really enjoyed it. :]

  8. I haven’t seen the film and am really sorry that I missed the film festival as it sounds fab. The staffroom was split on the Red Balloon too but I have a feeling I would have liked it and now I will have to try and see it!

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