The Red Balloon

So what did you think? The film certainly divided opinion in the Staff Room! Mrs Bentley and Mrs Powley both loved it although Mrs Turner was not so keen!!

Personally I enjoyed it-I especially liked the way emotion was potrayed through the music chosen and the expressions used. I loved watching the boys scramble over the walls and run up and down the alleys reminded me of looking at photos of my Dad and his friends. They would have been young at the same time the film was made-and would have been dressed in similar clothes doing similar things.

What did you think it’s message was? Were the boys chasing him or were they just after the balloon?

Was it about bullying? was it about friendship?

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19 thoughts on “The Red Balloon

  1. I Didn’t really Enjoy the red ballon, I didn’t really understand the point of the video.I thought it was just about a boy who had a red balloon and the other children just wanted it. It was not my type of movie.They just chased a balloon around.It wasn’t realistic!

    • So were the children after him or the balloon? And why was the boy on his own? Were the balloons taking him off to heaven?

      • They were after the ballon.

        I think he was on his own because he wasn’t sharing with anyone

        I dont think they were taking him to heaven but just on a journey.

        • Yes I agree the boys for me were being thoughtless and not deliberately mean-but it is scary to be chased by lots of people.
          So he chose to be on his own? Or was he on his own and not sharing because he had no friends and the balloon(2 o’s) was his only friend.
          I’m not sure they were taking him to heaven but I do think there has to be a reason for going on a journey.

  2. I think the balloon story is about boys that are bulies.They want the balloon and the boy.They could also be underprivileged children who just want something to do!The thing is I dont get the story and was a bit confused!!!

  3. To be honest the film red balloon was quite boring for me and it didn’t help one bit that it was in french. For most the film all he did was chased the balloon or the balloon followed him which was so unrealistic and it was only till the end that something good happened.

    • I agree the film was slow to begin with. The action at the end got the film going and started to make it interesting but i think that good is the wrong word to describe it. They stole his balloon. So good?

    • Hi Lewis. It’s great to see that you were posting on your blog site on the very same day as the Film Festival, well done! I really enjoyed the film because it is set in my favourite part of Paris – the area around Montmartre and the famous Sacré Coeur church. Do you think that it made a difference that ‘The Red Balloon’ was in French? In my opinion, there wasn’t very much speaking at all in the film, so I focused more on what was actually happening, rather than what people were saying.

    • But we only had 30minutes!! Is it not good to see things that we we haven’t come accross before? Even if we don’t like them?

  4. I thought the red balloon was boring, I really didn’t understand the meaning of the story and the message it was trying to pass. All I saw was a boy that had a balloon following him where ever he went, however the balloon got popped by bullies and all the balloon in the town came to him and at the end he was flying. Maybe if I watch it about four times I might understand the story

    • If you watch Quayside once it can be hard but if you watch it more than once it kind of grows on you. So is everything just meant to be straightforward or should we have to think?
      Mrs Powley thinks the balloons take the boy to heaven?

  5. I thought the film red balloon was weird but a little funny. The funniest bit was when the boy flew away with the balloons. Well I didn’t get the story but I did get a little of it. It’s not my kind of film. I thought it just about a boy and a balloon and the children want it.

  6. It was a little bit uninteresting. But it was hilarious too, especially the ending when the boy was flying with all the balloons. I don’t think it was bullying, I thought they just wanted the balloon because they might of thought that the balloon would have followed them. Honestly, I actually thought the red balloon was not that interesting and I couldn’t understand why the balloon was following him

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