Class Assembly

Missed the assembly

See and listen to parts of it here

The dance – both videos show the same dance-just fron different views!
This was one of the highlights for the children! They all loved it(even those not expecting too!)

recorded on our very own radio station!

Zaynab introduces our assembly

WW2 Mrs Eaton”s assembly (mp3)

Calvin and Ethan persuade us to join up!!

You”re Country Needs You!! Calvin,Ethan (mp3)

The fashionistas give their own WW2 fashion advice!!

Make do and Mend (the fashion girls!) (mp3)

And finally some photos!

9 thoughts on “Class Assembly

  1. I really enjoyed your assembly this morning. You should feel very proud of yourselves for working so well as a team to produce such a good performance. The voices of all the speakers were clear and full of expression. It was clear to see that you had all been very moved by some of the experiences of children and families during World War 2.
    I loved the dance- some of you could give Mr Shepherd a run for his money! The evacuation scene brought a tear to my eye. I can’t imagine sending Bethan and Eve away and not knowing if I would see them again.
    Well done everyone! Now, I must go- I’ve got an assembly to plan with my class…

  2. I have watched your class assembly which included my granddaughter Melissa Navin and thoroughly enjoyed it. The dancing was superb. I was born just after the war and can relate to the music and the fashions. I think it is excellent that the children are learning about the world wars. It’s important that it isn’t forgotten.

    Freda Todd

  3. I really enjoyed our assembly , I thought the whole entire class did Fab!
    I think we managed to pull the assembly together and fit every little detail in. The Singing and Dancing went as planned and only two or three mistakes were made. Jakia did excellently with the I.T work , and making sure we had everything we needed for the assembly!!!

    Well Done Everyone!!! 🙂

  4. Being particularly interested in history and especially the World Wars – I found the class assembly video highly entertaining. Loved the graphics/animations at the start! I loved watching my girlfriend’s daughter, Melissa dancing! Well done to all of Year 5/6E/S.

  5. I am so glad year 5/6ES has this blog. Because now I finally get to be updated on what’s going on and I get to see my little sister dancing WW2 style, all the way from Norway! I will definitely be checking back here every once In a while. Well done you guys 🙂

  6. I was present at the class assembly and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the performance. The effort the pupils, and of course the staff, administered was truly exceptional. Adding an educational experience with a fun event is no easy task but under the guidance of Mrs Eaton and Mr Shepherd Class Y5/6E of Benton Park pulled it off admirably.
    A special appraisal to my daughter Issy Moo (Melissa)

    Mac Navin

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