World War II – Talking Homework

Mr Shepherd and I were so impressed with the talk homework that you brought in. We would like you to share this further with the class on our blog. Tell us what you told the class …

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  1. I found out my gran worked in the land army. My Grandad didn’t have to sign up to work in World War II because he was in a reserved occupation. He served most of his time in Bathurst West Africa. He flew on a plane called the Sunderland.

    • I would definitely like to hear more about your gran’s experiences in the land army Amy! Perhaps you could research the land army as part of your topic homework?

      • The main job of air raid wardens was to patrol the streets during blackouts and to make sure that no light was visible. If a light was spotted, the warden would alert the person/people responsible by shouting something like “Put that light out!” or “Cover that window!” Wardens were also responsible for the sounding of air raid sirens and handing out gas masks.

  2. My great grandad from my dads side was in World War 1 and 2 and he survived them both. He was a gunner and in my talking home-work there is a website where you can find out lots of info about his regiment and you can write letters to some of the people he worked with if they were 17 to 20 years of age. He received lots of medals and I have brought four of them in to show my class in my home-work. I should probably stop now otherwise I will spoil the suprise!

    • Bethan your research was fascinating! Well worth the half hour of talk time! Hopefully we’ll get some more time together and you can tell me a little bit more about what you found out!

  3. I found out that my grandma from my dads side worked in the W.A.F which stands for the womans air force during world war 2. She is still alive but I don’t see her often enough to ask her more about it. Also my grandad from my mums side was a baby during world war 2 and his house was attacked so his mum hid in the cupboard with him to keep him and her safe. He still lives to this day.

  4. Well my great grandad on my dads side was an Infantryman and my other great grandad on my dad’s mams side was not alloWEd to join the army because he was in reserved occupation at vickers armstrong he made tanks and submarines. My great auntie was in the land army. My great grandad on my mams side was a sergent..

    • WOW! Jess I never knew how many people you were related to. I think the war was very sad because of all the bombing, shooting and taking over countries. How about you?


  5. Well I found out that my great Grandad was in the Home Gaurd and he survived the second World War. Both my Great Grandma’s worked in offices to do with the war and during the war a incendiary bomb went thourgh my Great Grandma’s roof and landed in the bath, an incendiary bomb sets fire to what ever it lands on but luckily the bath was full so nothing happened!

      • Thanks Mr Shepherd the replicas were a lucky find in a world war gift shop. My grandma said they were the ones my grandad had because she has them at her house.

  6. I found out that my grandfather on my mums side was evacuated to a farm and then years later he went back and the people that live there now let him look around to see what had changed.My great grandfather on my dads side had to get into the airaid shelter but he wasn’t there. When they got back they found him in the house with a dead sheep in the bath!

  7. I found out that my great grandad was in navy and that his ship was sunk. My great grandad on my dad’s side was an air wardan. He couldn’t join the army because he had scarelet fever.

  8. I found out that my great grandad was an air raid warden who patrolled the streets to make sure that there was a black out every night, no light should be on. One night he came home with a black eye my nana asked him “how did you do that?” He said “I walked into a lampost because it was pitch black.”

    • Oh dear Ethan. Yes it was quite dangerous being out and about during the blackouts! Apparently there were many such accidents!

  9. Ok lets start of with my granny, where do I start, there’s so much to tell …
    At the begining of the war my granny worked in a firm factory making food products for soldiers.They began by making glucouse tablets(energy tablets), water biscuits(hard biscuits), dried milk powder, cigarretes and chocolate.

    They didnt have much fun as teenagers as shops homes and places of entertainment had to be blacked out because of german planes over head.

    No one ever knew when the german planes would apear dropping bombs over head.We had air raid sirens and when you heard them you wouldn’t mess about you would run and run until you found a place to hide.

    It was usually a case of spending many hours in a anderson bomb shelter half hidden in mud in the back garden.My grannys uncles house got bombed fortunatly he was in they air raid shelter.

    Every thing got rashened – cloths ,food and baby food.Babies were fed on national baby food.It was a black time.

    Alot of people were killed and everyone helped.But all the way, start to end we knew Hitler wouldn’t beat us.
    Thank you for reading!

    • Abigail, I love the way you have written this – it makes me want to find out more, especially with your punctuation……

      I am just a bit confused – what is a firm factory?

      Miss Witherow

  10. I have to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading all about your grandparents’ experiences during the war. Ethan, I did laugh when I read about your great grandad’s black eye, although it can’t have been much fun for him.
    There are some amazing stories here, you are very lucky to have all this history at your fingertips! And we are very lucky that you can share it with us like this!

  11. I think all the talking homeworks were amazing. It was wonderful to be in a room with so much knowledge. All of us who listened and got to see the things you brought in really enjoyed it.

    You spoke so clearly about the subject as you had spent some time researching it with your families. It was if you brought the past into the class.

    It is a past that is not really so long ago. My Gradfathers both served in the Second World War like your many of your Great Grandfathers. My Gran’s had to ‘get on with things at home’. I used to love listening to their stories when I was about your age so doing this homework with all brought back many wonderful memories of that time.

    The blogs are very interesting and well written. as Abigail says’where do I start’…. Thankyou for all your contributions. Large or small.

    Mr Shepherd

  12. I can’t wait till we learn more about the topic. About Ann Frank and her diary …British soilders (and all the other soldiers who fought) including German soliders.Even Hitler!

  13. Well done to all the Year 5/6s for all their fantastic contributions on this topic! I have enjoyed reading your blog posts very much. I can remember learning about World War 2 in primary school – it was actually my favourite topic, although it was rather a long time ago! 🙂
    Keep the posts coming!
    Ms Todd

  14. The baby in the cupboard that Melissa refers to is in fact, me, her Granddad. This is where my Mother and I sheltered during an air raid in 1944. Sadly a number of people were killed in the houses opposite as a result of the bombing. Our house was badly damaged but we were O K. If the bomb had dropped 20 metres closer there would have been no cupboard, no me and obviously no Caroline or Melissa.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to post on our blog!

      It is invaluable to the children’s learning that they hear comments like this! It shows them that the war didn’t just take place on foreign battlefields, but right here in our own local area and that ordinary, everyday people were caught up in it.

      Thanks again, Mrs Eaton and Y5/6

  15. Yes indeed Mrs Eaton! The legacy of WW2 lives on through the generations. It is a frightening prospect to think that some of us would not be here if bombs had landed only a very short distance from where they actually hit. Those poor families who lost their lives 🙁
    I am very grateful that Melissa’s Grandad survived the blast however!
    Continue with the interesting stories Y5/6E…great work!
    Ms Todd

  16. My Grandad Ted was a young boy when the war started. He remembers the ship yard was bombed by German planes. People went to shelters when the siron went off.

  17. Where were the shelters Adam? What were they like? Did your Grandad ever have to go to one?

    I hope that you have asked your Grandad lots of questions Adam 🙂

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