Let the Games begin …


Creativity Fortnight is once again upon us…and this year’s theme is the Olympic Games.

Throughout the fortnight, Year 5/6BE will study and research the country Kenya.┬áPlease take some time to visit our Creativity Fortnight page to see what has been happening in our class this week…

Mrs Eaton & Mrs Bentley

Another ? for you

Some cracking comments last week. I’m still a little confused by Amy’s insistance on putting curry sauce on fish. I’m even more confused that there is someone else out there(Mrs. Turner)who agrees!!

This weeks question is music or T.V? Which one couldn’t you live without? You have to choose one, the other you’d have to get rid of…. So what is it to be?

Get blogging.

And feel free to add an idea of a ? for next week. We’ll vote on the best one and that can be next weeks ?

A Question For You

So what would it be for you? Red or brown sauce? Some people are firmly in one camp or another, some people switch depending upon the mood that they are in and some go for red on certain foods and brown on others. What about you? Give your reasons. Everybody has an opinion on this! Everyone!

For me it would have to red sauce on chips or scrambled eggs but brown all the way on beans, fry ups, sausages and sometimes cheese on toast(but it has to be melted in!!) Sometimes red is too sweet for me and brown is just tangier!! But it has to be a certain brand! So I guess if I had to choose then I’d plump for brown.

Happy blogging!

If you like this kind of thing you many want to check out Y3/4M cream egg, mini egg debate!! It is cracking!

Titanic News Broadcasts-And short video!

Titanic lookout from Benton Park Primary School on Vimeo.

The Red Balloon

So what did you think? The film certainly divided opinion in the Staff Room! Mrs Bentley and Mrs Powley both loved it although Mrs Turner was not so keen!!

Personally I enjoyed it-I especially liked the way emotion was potrayed through the music chosen and the expressions used. I loved watching the boys scramble over the walls and run up and down the alleys reminded me of looking at photos of my Dad and his friends. They would have been young at the same time the film was made-and would have been dressed in similar clothes doing similar things.

What did you think it’s message was? Were the boys chasing him or were they just after the balloon?

Was it about bullying? was it about friendship?

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Class Assembly

Missed the assembly

See and listen to parts of it here

The dance – both videos show the same dance-just fron different views!
This was one of the highlights for the children! They all loved it(even those not expecting too!)

recorded on our very own radio station!

Zaynab introduces our assembly

WW2 Mrs Eaton”s assembly (mp3)

Calvin and Ethan persuade us to join up!!

You”re Country Needs You!! Calvin,Ethan (mp3)

The fashionistas give their own WW2 fashion advice!!

Make do and Mend (the fashion girls!) (mp3)

And finally some photos!